Value of Your Cybersecurity Education

Value of Your University of Fairfax Cybersecurity Education

Invest in Yourself at the University of Fairfax

An investment in your cybersecurity graduate education is an investment in yourself and helps secure your future through career advancement, higher income and increased job security.

More Earning Power

U.S. Bureau of the Census data illustrate the impact of graduate degrees on personal income:

  • If you hold a Master of Science (MS) degree, on average, you will earn $10,100 more annually than if you hold just a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.
  • If you hold a doctorate, on average, you will earn $27,400 more annually than if your highest degree is an MS.
  • Overall, if you hold just a BS now, you will earn $37,500 more annually, on average, after earning your doctorate.

More Job Security

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, the average unemployment rate for those holding only a Bachelor's degree was 4.5%, while the average unemployment rate for those holding an Master's degree was 3.5%. Thus, earning an MS gives you a 22% improvement in job security. With a doctorate the effect is even greater. In 2012, the average unemployment rate for those holding a doctorate was 2.5%.

More Career Opportunity in Cybersecurity

The accelerating demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals makes an investment in your cybersecurity graduate degree even more valuable. The cybersecurity field experiences rapid threat, technology and compliance changes. As our alumni have found, earning your cybersecurity graduate degree will help you remain current with these changes.

Join the Cybersecurity Elite

Earning your Cybersecurity MS or doctorate will set you apart from other cybersecurity professionals in the U.S.

Our alumni find that a University of Fairfax cybersecurity graduate degree can lead to more opportunities for:

  • Leadership positions with more challenge and recognition
  • More influence in the field
  • A reputation as an expert
  • Potential for national and international contributions

Read the Success Profiles of University of Fairfax students and alumni. Their accomplishments, described in their own words, demonstrate the value you can experience when you invest in yourself and join the cybersecurity elite at the University of Fairfax.

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Join the Cybersecurity Elite
U of F Cybersecurity Education Path

Education Path
Distinguish yourself and advance your cybersecurity career by following the University of Fairfax Online Cybersecurity Education Path. No matter which graduate program you pursue, all of your courses will explore relevant cybersecurity policy and management issues, and you will complete a cybersecurity project in each course. You can apply what you learn and make significant contributions in your workplace right away.
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