The Mission of the University of Fairfax

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Fairfax is to support the cybersecurity community by providing adult learners with quality, accessible, distance education. The practitioner-oriented graduate programs offered are intended to produce applied research in Enterprise Management, focusing on Information Assurance and Information Security.

Institutional Goals

  • To help address a critical global priority
  • To operate with integrity
  • To support the cybersecurity community
  • To meet the career path needs of adult professionals
  • To maintain currency with cybersecurity trends and technology
  • To sustain a learner-centered institutional culture
  • To foster processes of continual improvement
  • To be recognized as a thought leader
  • To preserve an institutional commitment to providing quality distance education

Institutional Objectives

The objectives of the University of Fairfax ensure that its practitioner-oriented curricula are continually improved through outcomes assessment and consultation with stakeholders; that students apply critical thinking skills and applied research competencies to cybersecurity challenges; that graduates apply theory, concepts and skills which contribute to their career advancement; that learners utilize a multi-disciplinary approach for problem solving in order to address the needs of the enterprise; and that the University generates the resources to maintain the University’s programs.



Join the Cybersecurity Elite
U of F Cybersecurity Education Path

Education Path
Distinguish yourself and advance your cybersecurity career by following the University of Fairfax Online Cybersecurity Education Path. No matter which graduate program you pursue, all of your courses will explore relevant cybersecurity policy and management issues, and you will complete a cybersecurity project in each course. You can apply what you learn and make significant contributions in your workplace right away.
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