University of Fairfax Direct Institutional Aid

Direct institutional aid is awarded by the University in the form of scholarships, fellowships, payment plans and institutional loans. Availability of funding may vary by term. Students who are awarded institutional aid must remain in good academic standing and must meet their financial obligations to the University in order to continue to receive scholarship or fellowship disbursements. Eligibility for specific scholarships and fellowships may vary by program of study as described below.

Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible for institutional aid if you:

How to Qualify?

  • Institutional aid is based upon merit and/or need
  • Students qualify for only one institutional scholarship or fellowship at a time


Information Security Certification

To recognize their achievements, degree-seeking applicants who hold selected information security certifications such as CISSP, CISM and CISA prior to their enrollment are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Research Fellowships

The University has created several fellowship funds to support students conducting much needed cybersecurity research. These fellowships include:


The FISMA Fellowship Fund was established by University of Fairfax to support research intended to improve compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act.

Cybersecurity Policy Fellowship

The Cyber Security Policy Fellowship Fund was established by University of Fairfax to support research intended to advance cybersecurity policy development.

For more information on how to apply and qualify for institutional aid, please request a personal consultation.


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