Financial Aid

The University of Fairfax offers several types of financial aid to qualified students who apply for assistance. These resources include veterans and military benefits, direct institutional aid, payment plans and private educational loans. In addition, students may be eligible for employer tuition assistance programs. Students who qualify for financial assistance receive a maximum award based on program of study, merit, and/or financial need. The University creates a tuition assistance package for each eligible student which may include multiple resources, e.g. scholarship, loan, employer reimbursement and payment plan.

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University of Fairfax Direct Institutional Aid »

Direct aid from the University includes scholarships, fellowships, payment plans, and institutional loans. Availability of funding may vary by term. Eligibility may vary by Program of Study. The University also offers institutionally supported loans and payment plans for students based on need.

Private Educational Loans

The University of Fairfax participates in the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan Program. Apply here.

Employer Assistance

Students should contact their supervisors or employee benefits office to determine if tuition reimbursement is available.

Direct Billing

For students whose companies finance their education directly with the University, a direct billing arrangement between the employer and the University may be arranged.


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