Yellow Ribbon

The University of Fairfax is pleased to support qualified veterans through the Yellow Ribbon Program. The Yellow Ribbon Program is a voluntary agreement between Veterans Affairs and the University of Fairfax which enables eligible students to have 100% of their tuition and fees covered. These benefits are in effect only during the University's participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program and are subject to change. Any applicable fees not covered by this grant must be paid in accordance with the terms stated in the student's enrollment agreement.

Who is Eligible?

Only individuals entitled to the maximum Post - 9/11 GI Bill benefit rate (based on service requirements) are eligible for Yellow Ribbon funding.

How to Qualify?

To qualify for the Yellow Ribbon program you must:

Have served 36 months on active duty in the U.S. military after September 10, 2001, thus making you 100% eligible for the Post - 9/11 GI Bill.

Submit an application for the Post - 9/11 GI Bill to the Department of Veterans Affairs here

Provide a certificate of eligibility to your Admissions Officer; and

Obtain admission to the University of Fairfax

Remain enrolled or return as scheduled from a Leave of Absence. Should you lose eligibility for not maintaining continuous enrollment, any future grant benefit will be forfeited.