Transfer of Course Credits

A maximum of nine semester credits may be transferred into a degree program. No transfer credit will be applied to programs of study where a doctoral student has been granted advanced standing. Requirements for earning a graduate certificate cannot be satisfied through transfer credit. The University does not award academic credit for non-academic experience.

To receive transfer credit for a course, the following criteria must be met:

  • The student must have taken the course for graduate credit as part of a degree or graduate certificate program from an accredited institution;
  • The course taken was equivalent to the University of Fairfax course in content, level, and credit hours;
  • The student earned at least a grade of “B” (courses taken on a pass/fail basis are not eligible for transfer); and
  • Information Security courses must have been completed within the five years preceding initial enrollment at the University of Fairfax.

Students and graduates should note that when seeking to transfer credits to another educational institution, the receiving institution has full discretion as to which credits are transferable. All University of Fairfax school officials must accurately represent the transferability of any courses or programs.

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