Blue Ribbon Grant

The Blue Ribbon Grant is designed to recognize and assist veterans, active duty military personnel, and other related individuals (spouses, dependents, etc.) by providing additional financial support to extend the impact of military educational benefits.

Eligibility: The University of Fairfax provides a grant of up to 35% of the total amount that is paid toward the direct cost of education on behalf of a qualified individual by the Veterans Administration under Chapter 30, 31, 33, 35, 1606, 1607 or other related program; the Department of Defense under any applicable educational support program; or any military service component or branch under any applicable educational support program (the âapplicable veteran's benefitsâ). MyCAA recipients are not eligible to earn Blue Ribbon Grant.

Application: See the Student Services for an application.

Award: Eligible students may accumulate up to a maximum of $15,000 to use to extend their program of studies, complete their studies, or assist a qualified spouse or dependent at the University of Fairfax. The grant will be considered earned and payable toward the student's direct cost of education when all applicable military education benefits have expired, been exhausted, or when the military student, spouse, or dependent is otherwise no longer eligible to receive any such benefits.

Once earned, the accumulated grant amount may be utilized to pay tuition and fees at the University of Fairfax in the recipient's current program, or any new academic program or degree level. In addition, accumulated grant funds may be used to fund an external certification that is associated with the students program of study.

The military student, spouse, or dependent earning the grant may elect to transfer the earned grant to a current spouse or to a dependent under the age of 30. In the event of such transfer, the grant will be considered earned, transferable, and payable toward the transferee spouse or dependent's direct cost of education following the completion of any session in which eligible military student benefit funds are paid toward the transferor's direct cost of tuition and fees.