Graduate Certificates

Information Security Engineering (ISE)

Students develop competencies in assessing network vulnerabilities and attack methods as well as in designing and deploying counter-measures and resilient security architectures.

IA8050 Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
This course provides students with an understanding of advanced techniques and tools for identifying and categorizing vulnerabilities that allow penetration of networked systems and environments. Students gain first-hand experience in the assessment of networked systems through extended virtual lab sessions.(3 credits)

DELIVERABLES: Security Vulnerability Assessments


  • To evaluate the role of basic networking and operating system functions in defining and qualifying security risks.
  • To gain knowledge of network and system vulnerability assessment terms and techniques.
  • To gain experience in the use of standard and advanced tools, techniques and methodologies that support the delivery of network and system vulnerability assessments.
  • To gain experience in the use of a repeatable methodology for performing detailed network and system vulnerability assessments.
  • To utilize a systematic approach to testing for vulnerability false-positives.
IA8060 Intrusion Detection, Attacks and Countermeasures
In this course, students examine common attack methods, technologies and countermeasures. Students also gain skills needed to recognize various stages and methods of attack on the enterprise. (3 credits)

DELIVERABLES: Network Analysis Report; Intrusion Detection Report; Malware Analysis Report; Firewall Analysis Report


  • To analyze network traffic behavior to identify potential hostile activity.
  • To analyze intrusion detection software alerts and data to identify valid intrusion incidents.
  • To analyze malware to identify the effects of the malicious behavior on corporate assets.
  • To assess firewall rule sets and logs to determine validity and potential change requirements.
IA8070 Design and Development of Security Architectures
In this course, students evaluate the principles, attributes and processes used in designing and deploying a comprehensive and resilient layered security architecture that supports the business and technical objectives of the enterprise.(3 credits)

DELIVERABLE: Business Security Plan


  • To identify and analyze the key business processes used within the enterprise and the technical implementations of those processes.
  • To identify, define and evaluate alternative security measures needed to facilitate the previously identified business processes.
  • To orchestrate the previously identified security measures into an effective, layered security architecture as part of the strategic information technology plan.
  • To document the design, deployment and implementation of the security architecture in a cohesive business security plan.
IA8080 Security Solution Implementation
In this course, students compare, contrast and evaluate contemporary practices in the implementation of security solutions. (3 credits)

DELIVERABLE: Security Solution Implementation Plan


  • To identify implementation strategies utilized in addressing Information Security problem solutions.
  • To assess the requirements for each appropriate implementation strategy.
  • To compare and contrast the benefits and risks associated with alternative implementation strategies in relation to schedule, resources, budget, culture, and compliance requirements.
  • To formulate a recommended implementation approach and develop the supporting implementation plan documentation.
Credits required for Certificate: 12

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