Earn Your University of Fairfax Doctorate of Business Administration Degree Online

This degree program is designed for working professionals interested in pursuing their graduate education in the field of business administration and whom already possess a master's degree and are seeking an advanced terminal degree in research within the business field. In this program, business professionals increase their breadth of knowledge, ability to research and analyze business alternatives more thoroughly, and opportunities for more challenging, responsible, and productive careers in the business community.

The DBA degree program prepares students with the intellectual and practical foundation necessary to properly conduct research and analyze data to make informed decisions that impact the global business arena.

Comparison Dimensions Doctorate in Business Administration
Research Project Scope Focused business procedures and processes
Scope of Applied Research Conducted Using existing research, theory, and trends to design a novel solution, assess its feasibility and describe the real-world knowledge needed by business leaders
Dissertation Required Documentation of how the study was designed, feasibility was assessed, and the implications for business best practices
Qualifying Exam Evaluates mastery of concepts of applied research
No. of Comprehensive Exams One
Minimum Number of Credits Required Beyond Master's 62
Completion Time 3-5 years
Publishable Research Opportunities Yes
Admissions Requirements Master's and three years of relevant experience
Online Delivery Asynchronous and Synchronous
Student Career Objectives Expert business practitioner in management, business security, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Title Dr.

This program fosters the development of students who:

  • Desire to take on leadership and managerial positions within an organization that demand a higher order of critical thinking, decision-making, and communication skills.
  • Apply advanced qualitative and quantitative data analysis to solve complex business problems.
  • Analyze and critically assess the dilemmas and issues that impact an organization and its business processes.
  • Incorporate problem solving methods and advanced research techniques that organizations implement to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.
  • Master the skill-sets necessary to address a variety of specialized areas within the business world such as organizational management, information security, project management, human resources, accounting, and finance.


Program Objectives

Upon completion of this degree program, graduates will be able to:

  • Foster a learning environment that focuses on all facets of an organization including, leadership, information security, project management, supply chain, accounting, and managing an organization.
  • Evaluate how organizations inspire employees and nurtures a positive organizational culture.
  • Utilize qualitative and/or quantitative methods to analyze critical business issues.
  • Employ project management tools, methods, and techniques in effort to reduce waste while improving quality and safety throughout an organization.
  • Collaborate effectively as a business practitioner and researcher using both verbal and written communication methods.


Comprehensive & Qualifying Exam

Doctoral students enrolled in the DBA program must pass the Comprehensive & Qualifying Exam. This exam is used to evaluate mastery of the concepts and foundations of applied research and is administered concurrently in weeks 4-8 of the RM9100 course in a separate course shell called MB9130-CX (0 credits).


Credit Requirements

The Doctorate of Business Administration consists of a minimum of 62 semester credits, including 48 credits of pre-dissertation courses (consisting of 30 credits of content taken from core and specialization courses, 6 credits of research methods courses, 6 credits of research methodologies courses, 6 credits of research-preparation courses) and 14 credits of dissertation development courses.

To ensure that doctoral students make steady progress towards the completion of their dissertations, the University has developed the Dissertation Project Plan. This plan consists of a series of deliverables students produce in research methods courses and dissertation courses.

Finally, prior to conferral of the degree, the doctoral candidate must successfully defend the doctoral dissertation in an oral presentation before the Dissertation Committee.


Transfer Credits

A maximum of nine semester credits equivalent to our courses in content, credit and level and taken for graduate credit, as part of a degree or graduate certificate program, from an accredited institution may be transferred.

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