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Office Address:
3361 Melrose Ave., NW
Roanoke, VA 24017
Main Phone: 703.790.3200
Admissions: 703.790.3203
Fax: 703.790.3201

Year Founded: 2002
First Accredited: 2012
Next Scheduled Review: 2015
President: Dominic Boamah

Accreditation and Agency Contact Information

DEAC The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education
and Training Council (DEAC)
1601 18th St., N.W., Suite 2
Washington, DC 20009-2529
Phone: 202-234-5100

DEAC has been recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education since 1959 and by Council for Higher Education (CHEA) and its predecessor organizations since 1973.

State Approvals and Contact Information

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Fairfax is to support the cybersecurity community by providing adult learners with quality, accessible, distance education. The practitioner-oriented graduate programs offered are intended to produce applied research in Enterprise Management, focusing on Information Assurance and Information Security.

Online Academic Programs


  • Doctorate in Information Assurance
  • Doctor of Science in Information Assurance
  • Master of Science in Information Security Management
    with specializations in:
  • a. Information Security Analysis
  • b. Information Security Auditing
  • c. Information System Certification
  • d. Information Security Engineering
  • Master of Science in Enterprise Management
    with specialization in:
    Information Security Analysis

Graduate Certificates

  • Cybersecurity Best Practices
  • Information Security Professional Practices
  • Information Security Analysis
  • Information Security Auditing
  • Information System Certification
  • Information Security Engineering
  • Information Security for the Enterprise

Participation in Funding Programs

G.I. Bill, Veterans' Education Benefits (V.A.) approved



Tuition at University Fairfax is $895 per credit. University of Fairfax offers a variety of tuition assistance programs including scholarships, fellowships, loans and payment plans. Special scholarships are offered to veterans and active military.

Success Indicators

Average Graduation Rates:
MS Degree: 73%
Doctorate: 26%

Student/Alumni Surveys
Percentage of Students Surveyed who responded that they:
Achieved their learning goals: 96%
Would recommend the University to a friend: 96%
Were satisfied with their studies: 97%

Percentage of Alumni Surveyed who responded that they:
Achieved their learning goals: 100%
Would recommend the University to a friend: 100%
Were satisfied with their studies: 100%

Percentage of Graduating Students who responded that:
The University of Fairfax curriculum was relevant to their job: 93%
The University of Fairfax faculty members are experts in their field: 100%

Percentage of Graduating Students who responded that their University of Fairfax education had a positive impact on the following, while they were still in school:
Advancing their careers: 93%
Quality of their overall job performance: 85%
Visibility in the cybersecurity field: 85.2%

Employer Survey

Employers of University of Fairfax alumni who responded that they were satisfied with the:
Cybersecurity expertise of their employee: 100%
Management expertise of their employee: 83%
Cybersecurity capabilities of their employee: 100%

Employers who would recommend University of Fairfax as a source of qualified cybersecurity professionals – 100%


Join the Cybersecurity Elite
U of F Cybersecurity Education Path

Education Path
Distinguish yourself and advance your cybersecurity career by following the University of Fairfax Online Cybersecurity Education Path. No matter which graduate program you pursue, all of your courses will explore relevant cybersecurity policy and management issues, and you will complete a cybersecurity project in each course. You can apply what you learn and make significant contributions in your workplace right away.
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