Dr. Thresa B. LangThresa B. Lang,
Information Assurance Competency Lead
U.S. Navy

Cybersecurity Doctorate

University of Fairfax Is the Best Educational Experience I've Ever Had

The University of Fairfax has a very strong competitive edge. The faculty are all professionals and very involved in today's cyber landscape. They bring diversity, depth and breadth of experience to the program that you don't find anywhere else. One of the most valuable aspects of the education at University of Fairfax is the flexibility of the curriculum. If there was a new threat emerging, we knew about it and discussed options for mitigation even before most of the country had even evaluated it. The studies were always one or two steps ahead of the private sector.

My University of Fairfax Doctorate Allowed Me to Write My Own Ticket

The dissertation process at University of Fairfax taught me to identify critical success points and to form the right questions so the answers have the most value. It has allowed me to write my own ticket. Since I started at Dell three years ago I have conceptualized several projects that are now company-wide. I have become an internal consultant, even though it is not my official role. In addition, I do consulting with customers working on solutions to meet their needs. The doctorate gave me a great deal more credibility because customers respect the degree and get what they consider to be an expert opinion. As a result, since I received my doctorate I am much happier in my job.

Policy Development Opportunities Opened Up Once I Started My Doctorate

As I started studying at University of Fairfax, opportunities just started to happen. I have been developing policy on a regular basis and I have been asked to speak at several conferences, including international conferences, on cyberspace threats and mitigations. I do a lot of work with public-private partnerships, government agencies (Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and National Institute of Standards and Technology) and information technology sector companies to develop standards, policies, and guidelines. I also write a lot of white papers. It's such an exciting field.

Unlimited Cybersecurity Opportunities in Public and Private Sectors

The opportunities are unlimited. There are 30-some bills in Congress related to cybersecurity that are creating a demand for professionals with information assurance backgrounds. It's not just about business; it's about national security for the U.S. and other sovereign nations. Cybersecurity is where you can succeed in today's world because it is going to make a huge difference. The private and public sectors are very closely coupled and a fruitful relationship will produce changes that make things better.

University of Fairfax Offers Exactly What You Need to Succeed in Cybersecurity

The University of Fairfax program is very intense, laser-focused and is exactly the foundation you need to succeed in today's business world. I learned a lot from my fellow students, a very diverse group from every imaginable field in technology. Everyone came with a different perspective so there was a diversity of thought.