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Substantial, Fellowship Offer

Limited time: Apply before the August 28, 2017 Application Deadline to qualify for the University of Fairfax Crisis Fellowship.

With the continuing global cyber security crisis in today’s world, where infiltrators pose a threat to companies of all sizes and sectors, government agencies, and even our national security, the world has a real need, now more than ever, for trained cyber security leaders who can stand as a first line of defense against these attacks.

These enemies are finding newer and more advanced methods to wreak havoc on information systems, and we want to do our part to stand up against this criminal activity by training a future generation of cyber security leaders to combat it. With a University of Fairfax education, you’ll be uniquely equipped to stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving risks to information security and protect these organizations from those who seek to do harm.

Time is of the essence. Therefore, the Board of Directors for the University of Fairfax has established a Cybersecurity Crisis Fellowship for all current, new, and re-entry students to assist with attaining your education. The fellowship is valued at $268.50 per credit hour and can be used for up to 6 sessions of study. Typically, students enroll in one three credit hour course per eight-week course session. With the Cybersecurity Crisis Fellowship valued at $805.50 per three-credit hour course, new students can receive $4,833 total value over 6 sessions.

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GRADUATE SUCCESS:    Dr. Thresa B. Lang

Dr. Thresa B. Lang, Federal Security Director for Dell Computers feels that earning her University of Fairfax Doctorate degree has allowed her to write her own ticket with career opportunities.
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