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May 08, 2016

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The University of Fairfax is the only accredited graduate university in the nation exclusively dedicated to cybersecurity. As a result, we are a leading provider of senior cybersecurity professionals to both the public and private sectors. » Learn more

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The University of Fairfax offers a free membership to upcoming and archived webinars from experts in the field of Cybersecurity. You will have access to exclusive videos, webinars, presentations, a security clearance handbook, and more.

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ISC 2 Authorized Training partnerThe University of Fairfax is an (ISC)2 Authorized Education Affiliate. (ISC)2 has affiliates to assist security professionals and practitioners in obtaining the “Gold Standard” in Information Security certification. Complete the form below to receive program information.


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Securing Teleworkers in the Digital Era

The increasing use of telecommuting has elevated the responsibilities of organizations to protect data and information used by teleworkers from nonoffice-based locations. The importance of telecommuting and the need for flexible work arrangements will continue to be significant factors in workforce management. Information Security professionals must be ready to lead organization executives and advise all stakeholders on the importance of information security impacts of telework.    » read more

Securing Teleworkers in the Digital Era





  •  Claude L. Jenkins, II
    Claude L. Jenkins, II

    Information Systems Technician, U.S. Army

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctoral Candidate and MS Graduate

    "Even while deployed in Iraq, I was able to participate in my courses and keep pace online."

  • Dr. Bryan Cline
    Dr. Bryan Cline

    Vice President and CISO, Health Information Trust Alliance, LLC

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctorate

    "The focus on cybersecurity, plus the faculty background and experience, make the University of Fairfax unique."

  • Dr. Thresa B. Lang
    Dr. Thresa B. Lang

    Information Assurance Competency Lead, U.S. Navy

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctorate

    "My University of Fairfax doctorate enabled me to write my own ticket. I am a lot happier in my job."

  •  Dennis McCallam
    Dennis McCallam

    Director of Cybersecurity Architectures, Northrop Grumman Corporation

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctoral Student

    "Learning the research process at University of Fairfax has had a significant impact on my work in cybersecurity architectures."

  •  Eric Handy
    Eric Handy

    C&A Subject Matter Expert, eGlobal Tech, Inc.

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity MS Graduate

    "The faculty is a 'whos who' of information security in Washington, D.C."

  • Dr. Ken E. Stavinoha
    Dr. Ken E. Stavinoha

    Solutions Architect, Cisco Systems

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctorate MS Graduate

    "My University of Fairfax degree enabled me to contribute to the establishment of cloud computing standards at NIST."

  • Dr. Tim Godlove
    Dr. Tim Godlove

    Senior IT Program Manager, Department of Veterans Affairs

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctorate

    "The University of Fairfax is the front runner in cybersecurity online graduate education."

  • Dr. Barbara Burton
    Dr. Barbara Burton

    Information Security Architect Engineer, Cerebral Solutions, Inc.

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctorate

    "After only six months in the University of Fairfax doctoral program, I was promoted to Information Systems Security Manager."

  •  Julius Clark
    Julius Clark

    Information Security Officer, Wells Fargo Bank

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity MS Graduate

    The University of Fairfax has a unique focus in creating cybersecurity leaders."

  •  Rhonda Farrell
    Rhonda Farrell

    Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctoral Candidate

    "University of Fairfax opens a door to a huge cybersecurity market – even while still in school."

  • Dr. Richard C. Jones
    Dr. Richard C. Jones

    Information Security Consultant, Lockheed Martin

    Watch   or  Read

    Cybersecurity Doctorate and MS Graduate

    "University of Fairfax courses are designed to prepare you for cybersecurity senior management."